God’s love – Every day life

How great is our God? It has struck me (again) this week just how much our creator loves us. If we were to play a word association game and I were to say “Awesome God” or “Alpha and Omega” what would be the first image to pop into your head?

My personal default tends to tie in with creation, or something similarly magnificent. This week however has been slightly different … In broad strokes my week personally has felt fairly average. Head down at work, time with my family and rest when given the opportunity. After the weeks preceding this one however some calm has been the perfect restorative tonic God could have given me – I felt loved and cared for by Him, amazing that He would feel the need to get involved at all in the small details of my life.

Here is where things get interesting though, while connecting with fellow Christians this last week I have had the privilege of seeing brief glimpses into some of the challenges and blessings they are experiencing – all of which are bubbling below the surface of typical everyday life which gets covered by our standard ‘Hi, how are you doing?” / “Fine thanks, you?” conversations.

Some of the people I spoke with are struggling with anxiety at work and struggling to sleep, others have family fighting a life threatening illness. There was one friend who has a loved one struggling through an exceptionally difficult rehabilitation process, another one struggling with chronic pain and fighting off depression. Others have had prayers answered and been able to successfully adopt, new engagements have sprung up from unlikely and unexpected places and some friends have been blessed with pregnancies! So many unique situations, makes the mind boggle, let it not be said that life is simple!

What do all these people above have in common? What is their one unifying characteristic through all this chaos?

God, is the simple answer. All these friends I mentioned are resting in the comfort and reassurance that their faith in and relationship with God provides – this in itself is something I find massively encouraging.

Then it hit me, a relationship by definition isn’t a one way agreement or action – it takes two. So the phenomenal reality is that God loves each one of us both separately and enough to take a personal interest and journey with us through EVERY aspect of what is happening in our lives. The added caveat here is that for Him to do this with any chance of success He needs to meet us where each of us are at individually, have the patience to understand our every nuance even when we don’t and only then begin to help in a way which will be perfect for us in our individual circumstances! That my friends is love! How many miracles does our Father in Heaven do every day without us knowing about it? How fortunate we are!

Let us not be like Job’s friends who we read about from Chapter 3 in Job. One of their biggest downfalls, aside from falsely accusing Job, was that they didn’t listen to him!

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it: Wherever possible avoid only engaging in every day “How are you doing” conversations and instead take time to be available for something a little more … then avoid the mistake Job’s friends made and listen!

Have a blessed week!


2 thoughts on “God’s love – Every day life

  1. Thanks Martin, gave me some food for thought. I have one chapter to read then I have just finished working through the book of Job so I have first-hand information of what you are referring to.

  2. The most wonderful thing in a Christian’s life is that inner knowledge of the miracle of God’s unlimited and unconditional Love! I have been fortunate enough to sometimes ‘see’ my prayers answered in the lives of others. Also, I’ve been extremely humbled and almost dumbstruck by seeing the Hand of God at work in my own simple little life! At times it has felt as if God was not hearing/listening to my prayers. After a time of feeling devastated, helpless, frustrated and even confused at times, I eventually always came to the conclusion that what was happening was God’s will, because I believe God definitely has a plan for each one of us. It was out of my mere mortal hands. Then, after a time, (sometimes a seemingly endless time), all of a sudden changes occurred, with everything seeming to just magically fall into place and when I looked back I have been able to see God’s Hand at work! God was indeed listening and He did what was ultimately the best for me in the end, not necessarily what I asked for!

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